GLAST Tests in Climatic Room
Preliminary results

Dati .xls
Thermal Cycle
strain/wood stickstrain/wood bar
set-up internalstrain/quartz
set-up ext.
set-up ext.set-up ext.
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glast010 glast010.xls    
glast011 glast011.xls    
tray3_03 tray3_03.xls

strain vs temp

strain vs step

temp vs step

tray1_02 tray1_02.xls
tray1_01 tray1_01.xls    
tray3_01 tray3_01.xls    
tray3_02 tray3_02.xls    
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Ours set-up is composed:

Climatic chamber model EOS 1000 C
The DAQ consist in:

-1 NI-DAQ type PCI 6035E, 16 bit acquisition.
-2 SCXI-1122 modules, 16 channel isolated trasduceer multiplexer module for signal conditioning.
-2 SCXI- 1322 terminal blocks consist of a shielded board with 46 screw terminals for connection to the 1122 input connector.
-1 SCXI chassis
-1 PC windows 98
-Lab Views program created by INFN of Bari for the acquisition of temperature and deformations in real time on the climatic room.

The selection of strain gauges and DAQ for thermal tests in the climatic room of Terni has been performed in December 2000.
Measurements performed in the climatic room at the Material Engineering Department (Perugia University),
Terni, by S.Allegretti and G.Scolieri.


The strain was measured by means of a quarter bridge configuration as shown in the figure below:

The reference strain is realized using a strain gauge glued to a quartz block, while the strain to measure is located on an Al foil (jpg figure).

The equation to calculate the strain is:

GF = Strain gauge gain factor;
Vex = Excitation voltage of the Wheatstone bridge;
Vr = ( VO(strained)-VO(unstrained))/Vex , where
· VO(strained) is the measured voltage output when strained;
· VO(unstrained) is the initial, unstrained output voltage.
RL = Wire resistance;
RG = Nominal resistance value of strain gauge in Ohm:
RG(e) = Strain to measure;
RG(dummy) = Reference strain.